OK dudes, this site is still totally under construction, but we've now got a photos section up, which is a start, right?

Who hell we?

The glossy brochure explanation:

In the summer of 1999, four guys in the English city of Bristol got together and decided to form a crack urban strikeforce. Acting under the banner of the ORIENTAL SCHOOLGIRLS, these plucky individuals utilise a combination of their unique lifestyles and special skills to create the optimum audio/visual experience.

Assaulting the senses is what they do best, achieved through a dangerous combination of:
- accumulated knowledge (life experience, textbooks, observation of televisual/audio transmissions of the past and present);
- high technology;
- attendance & instigation of social gatherings;
- loud noises, and;
- (occasionally) bio-chemical adulteration.

The things you see before you on this website transmission are just a selection of elements from the lives of these ORIENTAL SCHOOLGIRLS, hand-picked by the OSGs themselves for your entertainment, enlightenment, and hopefully the expansion of your life experience.

The slightly-puzzled-look explanation:

The ORIENTAL SCHOOLGIRLS, a.k.a. the OSGs, are a 4-piece breakbeat & funky house combo from Bristol, England. We kick ass.

What the diddly-o?

An update on our current shiznit:

• Album #1
First, and most importantly, the Oriental Schoolgirls' debut album is slowly nearing completion after three years of on/off development. The guys have got their shit together and been writing & tweaking & tweaking & writing to bring you the highest quality product.
What's left to do? Basically:
- some technological shenanigans
- French-polishing our already-gleaming A-list tracks
- giving the ones that are lagging behind a boot up the ass
- developing some other ideas that are simmering away on the hard drive
- taking care of the mixdowns
etc etc. In a nutshell, we're looking to have a sparkling product before next summer kicks in.
We can do this! Believe in OSG!!

• Digital video
Oh yes, the OSGs have taken delivery of a few nice pieces of kit recently, namely a tiny DV camcorder with viewscreen, nightvision and everything else, plus a home-made video editing suite.
We've been running around for some weeks now recording OSG life thru the lens. So far we've covered many general cruising sessions, trips to the 7-11, a failed attempt to gain access to a disused quarry, the Ashton Court festival (which, BTW, kicked ass) and, of course, visits to the local hostelry.
In addition, we've filmed a lot of source material for video promos for our tracks, including a lot of al fresco dancing (on other people's private property in many cases), amusing stunts, and also the ubiquitous in-the-car mime-a-thons.
The edit suite is wicked, goes like a rocket, and Sonic & Muteki are crash-coursing themselves on the software as we speak.
We hope to have some promos done soon (especially Kick It Now), plus we'll be getting cracking on some form of DVD product in the not-too-distant future.

So, here is a selection of stills of the OSGs in recent action, all culled by Sonic from the camcorder. Enjoy. Or not.

• Future stuff:
Things that will pop up on this site sooner or later will be:
- A decent main page (!)
- Profile pages for each OSG
- Mo pix
- Video clips of the OSGs doing their thang
- MP3s of finished tracks, just to get you moist
- All manner of stupidity, tastelessness and illegality
- More animations, graphics and other usual website-based thingies
- Hell, we'll probably throw in some saucy Japanese schoolgirl-related images, if only for consistency.
- Oh, Christ, now I think of it, I have GOT to re-write that blurb (up & to your left). Sorry bout that.

• A final note
We'd just like to say a thank-you to all the people who have diligently checked this page for the last two years and wondered what the fuck it was. We salute you, particularly those of you who just typed the URL in at random because you were looking for porn. We shall make it our quest not to disappoint you. God bless.


Muteki / Sonic / D8a / Mulder
aka the Oriental Schoolgirls

August 2002

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